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I prodotti più innovativi nell’ambito del biologico si trovano a B/Open. Sono quei prodotti che permettono al negozio specializzato di costruire un’esperienza dedicata ai propri clienti e che lo differenziano sul mercato dalla grande distribuzione con l’obiettivo di fidelizzarli.

An entire section at B/Open will focus on biological ingredients. Bio ingredients are used as the basis for many ‘free from’ or ‘with added’ super foods. In fact, the herbalist customer is extremely interested in the raw materials, all under the banner of “do it yourself is better”.

Judging by the latest figures, the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies has set asides funds worth 10 million Euros to promote organic foods in school canteens, thus saving families additional expense. The increase in the use of these products is an excellent reason to visit the Show where products for the very young can also be found.

One of the trends of large-scale trade is democratization of luxury: highly distinctive products can now also be found in the supermarket because there is demand for them and people are prepared to invest in the values they believe in: eating well, keeping healthy and building their own image.

The pharmacy is the safest place par excellence and a bio product in the natural self-care range, by its very nature, expresses the concept of safety both from an environmental viewpoint and from the absence of harmful substances like parabens or allergens, such as nickel.

B/Open is the ideal place for restaurant owners, catering managers and hotels to find out about products that guarantee diversity and quality in order to make their own offer stand out.

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