Specchiasol, new markets and B/Open expectations

The Veronese company is looking with extreme interest at the event that will group together buyers from all over the world specialized in bio products: a visibility opportunity for Made in Italy that can give the category a significant boost.

“A trade show like B/Open, dedicated to the bio product and self-care sector, able to communicate with trade professionals and update them on common themes, is fundamental. Above all for Italy, seeing that our bio products are distributed all over the world and are particularly appreciated for the levels of quality they express.” The words of Mauro Ricchiuto, 50 years old, Vice President and Export Manager at Specchiasol, a Verona-based company that operates in the natural well-being sector with 100 employees, a turnover of 30 million Euros, two branches abroad (Spain and Russia) and a rapidly expanding international market share. “The Asian market is growing,” continues Ricchiuto, “and Specchiasol is looking closely at all those emerging countries where quality Made in Italy products enjoy much-deserved fame,”

In this context, an exhibition like B/Open, Veronafiere’s new trade show specifically for the business aspect of bio products, in all its forms, from natural self-care to organic foods – scheduled to take place from 22nd to 24th June 2020 – is “unprecedented”, with interesting potential, not only in commercial terms but also from the point of view of furthering information and the themes that can be debated.

Dialogue with buyers and the value of food supplements

“Specchiasol is interested in opening up to new markets, from Asia to Central and North America,” Ricchiuto explains. “The American area in particular, which is currently hard to approach, could become strategic for international expansion and B/Open could be the means to show foreign trade professionals and buyers the drivers behind our production system, which starts from a mainly cultural leverage. The Italian and European nutraceutical system is decidedly more health-conscious and attentive to every aspect of personal well-being.”

Among the themes that Specchiasol hopes to see debated at B/Open is regulatory harmonization, already foreseen on a European Community scale for cosmetics but still lacking in the food supplement sector. “It would be easier to be able to count on a single registration, valid for all European Union countries,” says Ricchiuto. The future of food supplements seems rosy anyway since it is the second most sold product in the pharmacy, ahead of over-the-counter drugs and cosmetics. “Even doctors,” says Giuseppe Maria Ricchiuto, founder and President of Specchiasol, “no longer think of food supplements as rivals to drugs but more of an additional help for medicine.” Besides pharmacies, the distribution channels are drug stores and herbalists.

Research and development

“We invest greatly in our internal research laboratories,” highlights Antonio Scialpi, the Group’s Scientific Director “both in economic terms and in employee and collaborator training.” The commitment aims to respond rapidly to a fluid and dynamic market. “Sketching the identikit of our customers is not so straightforward. Eight out of ten are women, with average to high culture levels. They love natural products and show keen sensitivity towards body and mind-care, favouring natural remedies over pharmaceutical products.” B/open should also provide the answers these women are looking for in terms of bio foods & natural self-care.

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